Keep your site secure and up-to-date.

At Thinkingman Creative, we offer a lasting partnership with you. Whether you already have an existing site, or are building a new one our support programs will provide you with peace of mind.

updateStuff happens. Chances are, this is more a question of WHEN it will happen, not IF. Pinpointing the underlying cause of the crash (code, malware, and web host issues) is only half the problem. You still need to fix it. And lost time is money.

Although it may seem that you will save money by maintaining the site yourself, one mistake can cost you thousands of dollars and many lost hours of work. This is where experience pays off.

Website maintenance from Thinkingman Creative offers you long term confidence that your website is secure and up to date.

Benefits and Features

Our professional staff will handle all of your requests in a timely manner.

The benefits include:

  • Full backup of your website
  • Professional updates to your website
  • No need for training or hiring an in-house web expert
  • Our work will be checked and double-checked before completion
  • Image editing using Adobe Photoshop
  • Requests handled on-time
  • Online system for managing requests
  • Discounted hourly rates


You love your website, and well you should. You put a great deal of thought and investment into the overall design and usability, and you put your heart and soul into the content you publish. But do you give any thought to the maintenance and protection issues? No matter how big or small your site and your business are, they may be at risk.

ie7-certificate-not-trustedEvery day, cyber-criminals compromise thousands of websites, unbeknownst to the site owner or the users. The work of hackers is often completely invisible to users or site administrators, yet the site remains harmful to anyone viewing the page. The hacker may infect the site with harmful code that can record users’ keystrokes, thereby stealing login credentials and valuable financial information.

It may not be possible to ward off every hacker and every attack, but taking all precautions is essential. With malware on the rise, it’s important to take the measures that help you stay ahead and to keep your website, and your users, as secure as possible.