Mixed Media Marketing and SEO

What is online social media management? It’s the process of growing, building and guiding an online community. Whether the interaction is directed at your consumer or in the business to business world, social media is a lot more than just icons in today’s marketplace.

Effective community management can bring huge brand benefits:

  • Social media allows you to connect to your customers in a direct way
  • It can enhance product and brand loyalty
  • Provide 24/7 focus groups
  • Foster a strong connection between your brand and your consumer
  • Support specific social media campaigns and integrated marketing campaigns
  • Increase the traffic to your community areas and to the rest of your website
  • Help to create a competitive differentiator

local-social-media-managers.fwSocial network management involves a combination of guidance and moderation, long-term engagement, support for social media campaigns, content creation, listening and reporting, and analysis and strategic input to support your social media strategy.

We mix these skills together for your project, and whether your community managers work solo or as part of a team, varies based upon your business needs.

Our social media consultants will work with your existing team to define what you need to do to nurture or grow your community, to enhance your brand, to increase customer engagement and retention, and to drive uptake of your social media campaigns. We can evaluate your current processes and provide documentation to ensure effective moderation and community management to support your social media strategy.[space]

As part of our social media consultancy, we will audit your community to assess it’s compliance with current child internet safety recommendations and provide feedback on the entire user experience.

Our community managers will encourage positive participation in your community and social networks, and keep you up-to-date on competitor analysis, consumer insight, and industry trends. This includes providing ongoing feedback on ways to improve your community, daily engagement with your members, editorial work, and strategic direction.

If you want to outsource your social media management, or find out more about the community management or social media strategy services offered by us, we would love to talk to you!