Website design documents

Website design documents

So originally I shared via private post links to our documents for other developers to be able to add to their repository and have them as something to review, it became a good discussion and I thought to myself I really should just make this a blog post.

These documents are not the final versions of our contracts or agreements, these are to give our potential clients an idea of what our agreements look like ahead of entering into an agreement with us.

Normally these pages are locked down with s2member but I have opened them up to share with the awesome Advanced WordPress facebook community.


This is our website design contract it as grown over the years, as we experience new situations and found new pieces of it in other folks contracts… How do I know that its pretty darn good, well, I make websites, for lawyers, and they helped. 🙂

Website Design Contract 

Sometimes when your working with potential clients they might be a little concerned about what they can and cant tell you. For that we have the Mutual Non Disclosure agreement, the great thing about the Mutual NDA is that you are BOTH agreeing to keep what’s secret, a secret, but it does not bar you from talking to other clients about making them a website, and it does not bar the potential client from talking to other developers about THEIR website.

Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement 

I hope this helps our developer friends and the new folks starting out.. I can say with 20 years of experience NEVER start a project, even with a friend, and especially with a family member with out having a good contract.

Oh Im almost done! But Trace R. Posted this great video which is now a must watch! For web devs.