Do I have to host with you?

All our managed plans require you to host with us, we do this for a few reasons

  1. To maintain the highest security standards we require our managed clients to be hosted on our servers.
  2. To maintain access for site updates and maintenance services we require managed clients to be hosted with us.
  3. To ensure that your website is optimized for the fastest possible performance we require that updates are completed by our team. Basic accounts get 30 minutes of update time per month, Professional accounts get 2 hours of updates per month and enterprise accounts get 4 hours of updates per month.
  4. In order to stay competitive we do need to maintain control of the intellectual property for our managed services. We by no means hold your website hostage, you can purchase your website and database at any time and take your site to another host. The cost of your website depends on the amount of design work done, licenses involved and any stock photography that was purchased for your site, expect the price to be similar to our traditional design services. You can cancel your service at any time. This will result in the website we have created for you no longer being public.

We still offer our traditional website design services which allow you to pick your own host, contact us today for a free design quote.

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